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Photo - My Bunny Information

Description: Took a while for me to draw and animate it, but it's finally done! :D
Keywords: Bunny, Angel, King, Wand, Cute, Kawaii, Crown, Heart, Chibi
Date: 26.05.2013 01:43
Hits: 7619
Downloads: 22
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File size: 17.1 KB
Added by: MilkCarton
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What Facilities May Feature On The NewiPhone5
When we finally greet the arrival of the iPhone 5 we can be sure that the final specification will rival some of the leading handsets available. What will undoubtedly make this model such a huge success however is the Apple logo which will ensure that millions of fans worldwide will be eager to get their hands on the phone the moment it is released....
We are soon set for huge queues outside Apple stores worldwide thanks to the release of their long awaited iPhone 5. Demand for its predecessor was huge and we expect much of the same with this new model thanks to some specification that is rumored to make the handset the most advanced smartphone available. We take a look at some of the more realistic rumors doing the rounds about this model which is due for release very soon.
One area where we will see a big change on this new phone is in its design. Speculation on the internet suggests that the design of the phone will be a total rethink which suggests the model will be quite different from the iPhone 4. One suggestion is that the phone will return to the original curved back panel that was found on the earlier generation iPhones. Whichever route the developers choose there is cheap cartoons iphone 5 case no doubt that this model will be hugely desirable. The designers at Apple have a great history of producing phones that are pleasing on the eye so we should not expect anything less from this new model. cheap iphone 4s cases One area which directly affects the design of the phone is the size of the display that the model must incorporate. It is anticipated that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen than previous models with some sources quoting that a 3.7 inch screen will be fitted whilst more recent reports suggest Apple may push the boat out a little further and feature a 4 inch display. Either way we can be sure that quality will be superb and it is likely that the resolution will match the iPhone 4 as this model still remains ahead of the competition.
An area where we will definitely see a change on the iPhone 5 is with regards to the phones video capturing quality. The 720P resolution that was offered on the iPhone 4 was good but expect to see the higher quality HD resolution of 1080P present on this new model. Not only would this keep pace with other leading handsets such as the White Samsung Galaxy S2 but it would also be hugely beneficial to Airplay feature which is incorporated on the new operating system that the handset will use. This has been heavily advertised by Apple and enables the wireless playback of your recorded footage on a large screen television. Hand in hand with the new updated operating system the phone will also receive a boost in the processing department with a new dual core processor making multi tasking features quicker than ever. This dual core processor is rumored to be the same A5 chip that is fitted in the hugely successful iPad2 tablet device.
When we finally greet the arrival of the iPhone 5 we can be sure that the final specification will rival some of the leading handsets available. What will undoubtedly make this model such a huge success however is iphone 4s cases the Apple logo which will ensure that millions of fans worldwide will be eager to get their hands on the phone the moment it is released.
The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the White Samsung Galaxy S2 is available now.相关的主题文章:

01.08.2013 08:49 Offline linspencer

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Section 11 Personnel
Purple show saw purple Twinings transport alarmed! "Oh, this is ... this is ...!"
Purple Twinings: "Oh, this is called car ah ... it should be the right car! German Mercedes-Benz produced, imported original components, powerful engine, with super-smooth, ad says even cupful of water per hour are in one hundred and twenty not to spill a drop ... "
"I'm not saying this - the cavalry saber assault to take someone's Mercedes? - Spatiotemporal chaos is too serious, readers will have opinions."
"Beauty with cars, authors prefer! Readers noisy words - do not update the threat they say a month! See if they are not afraid!"
※ ※ ※
Sitting inside the car, looking at the heart of the city all the way to purple show debauchery, and the Far East as if the two worlds, the hearts look great emotion: We are just so desperate to fight, this one is to protect peace and happiness.
Roger behind them. Inside the car, only he and two purple Twinings, Twinings purple front drive.
Purple Twinings: "Over the years, okay?"
Purple show heart Antan: 6 years, ah, other children are enjoying happy carefree boy six years time, he was spent on the battlefield, how much suffering much grief - he had seen closest comrade in arms Mozu life and life is torn eaten, how many late-night kind of screaming nightmares woke him from time to time; also lurking in the muddy pond water insects intensive day and a night in a little afraid to move to escape the inferno to kill; once absolutely besieged food to make bombs, and only eat the flesh from the dead body; not to mention dozens of injuries, pain middle of the night crying ... how will you so much misery, like a life's biggest worry is the face teenage acne explain it?
Purple show nodded lightly, said: "Fortunately, the food is bad."
Changing the subject: "Family current situation how to do?"
"Well, have led the wise leadership of President Yang Minghua, we were able to full speed ahead towards the direction of hell."
"Oh? How would things be?"
"He grandiose wind flow to the family of three consecutive launch crusade - results gave frost to hit the crap out of people stream running back. Veterans will do so to his explanation, he also put on an appearance of righteousness loyal published by perverting speech ... "
Twinings learn INSTRUMENTAL purple tone tone: "" I have to destroy the family wind flow - if this is wrong, let me wrong, I will not shy away to admit mistakes, wrong not regret it! "The results will be decidedly deceived veterans, let him go."
Purple show quietly: "very powerful speech. Rid of the first one, followed by a few - would really like unmarried woman fall in love with a married man's confession."
Purple Twinings smile almost crash.
※ ※ ※
"Our president brought his talents really great ship ah ... how wind flow situation over there? We Lien-game losing streak, but they actually come salute? It's not like a stream weathered style ah?"
"You obviously do not know my brother, the wind flow Xishan disease dying, his three sons in the squad right of parents waiting to grab the seat, the flow is the daughter of weathered, no inheritance, they all avoid her, he was transferred from the decision-making center, to study the ice castle served as a front-line commanders. "
"The president brought this no morality of - wind flow when the family is to make mistakes, why we bother them? - Want to perish wind flow can wait for them to nest inside a free kick over again when ah"
"It is not it! Our president brought before the wind flow does not think perish, streaming weathered appearance of the enemy so that he does not know how happy!"
"How to say?"
"In the past he would like to see who is unhappy removal, the total had to work hard to find a reason," corruption, malfeasance, "what ... Well now, as long as he patted him on the shoulder:" Give me the habit Bard to win! "That hapless considered finished - never weathered the stream that people can earn cheap. Border guards command like this for six months like a revolving door, all in a stream weathered hands Chiliaobaizhang was dismissed, and are all INSTRUMENTAL and people do not like - you say he love weathered a dead stream? "
"This ... Stirling okay? He is the most opposed."
"INSTRUMENTAL really want to talk to flow Stirling weathered go well," talk ", and Stirling brother also want to come to a positive weathered battle with streams - they had heard during the second crusade encountered when , but did not decide who will win - but my uncle Purple Star Chuanshentong life and death do not agree, the Stirling transferred to the Guards as deputy commanding, that he played no chance. "
Purple show myself: Everyone says purple Chuanshentong Star incompetent, but this decision is very wise.
※ ※ ※
"That's your uncle - Length adults, do not bother INSTRUMENTAL recklessly?"
"He almost too senile dementia of the - I suspect!" Purple Twinings talking about this on an angry: "I told him a few times, to beware INSTRUMENTAL can be less than a day, he ..."
Twinings learn purple purple Chuanshentong Star senile appearance: "This thing ah, looking INSTRUMENTAL running a bar, ah? What you say, I can not hear, louder ... Oh, I'm lethargic today, ah, the old, and as early as possible is a decent retirement , quick No Luo! "
She vividly imitate, amused purple show "ha ha" laugh. However, he thought that things may not have purple Twinings want to be so simple. He remembered six years ago, the new chief Purple Star Chuanshentong elan full look, no reason to six years of aging and a time to make people waste so timid look.
"In the future, you should not talk to him say such things up." Whether purple Chuanshentong Star is silly or fool, such things INSTRUMENTAL reached inside the ears, purple Twinings trouble.
&nbsp,mlb iron on sticker;"Well!" Purple Twinings obedient nod, gently said: "You good to be back! Put things to you, I can rest assured."
Purple show filled with a tender heart: Purple Twinings only sixteen years old, it has been shown with its corresponding maturity and old age has become - a lonely girl visible in this hostile environment surrounded by growing up, bear how much pressure. He also said softly: "You can rest assured."
For a time the two speechless ... suddenly filled with an atmosphere of warmth of the car, they are no longer deliberate estrangement.
※ ※ ※
"Oh, I forgot to ask you a very important thing to do!" Purple show quickly remembered: "You only sixteen years old, how to get to get driving license?"
"Driver's license? Oh, the author did not like this kind of thing, so we book there is no such thing."
"... So, you are driving without a license a! Get out the car stopped, put me down! I want to die!"
"Do not worry Well, let me find the brake lever ... where to go? This yet? ..." Purple Twinings a pull ....
"Faster! That was accelerated - Help ah, so you really do not!"
"How could it be? ... Which I obviously will not be a damn author said he did not like the brake lever, right? ..."
19.08.2013 15:54 Offline ironons150

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Comments: 50
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25.08.2013 00:09 Offline wsackr6i

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Thunder Durant position will not leave
According to the U.S. "ring in the world," reported that since the Thunder headed star Kevin - Durant [ microblogging ] in the last season to join the new Jay-Z 's broker after speculation that his move was to join in the future big club to prepare. During the recent visit France , Durant again asked by the media to this sensitive topic, although he stressed that his team against the Thunder was very satisfied with the status quo , but it did not make a clear long-term commitment .
Although Durant Thunder has achieved great success , but also a hero to Oklahoma City fans , but for a superstar like him , going to a big club will always be kind of hard to resist force appeal.
Recently, Durant went to France attended the event. In a press conference , when a field reporter bluntly asked him if he would consider leaving Thunder team, Durant gives the answer is not very straight , he just said that currently the team had a great time .
"I like the current situation , I also like to play for the Thunder ." Durant said,iron on transfer, " As of today, I still really like out there , and I hope to stay there , I like Thunder fans , like my team I like the city of everything, so I do not have to leave the program . "
While Durant unmistakably that he does not yet have plans to leave the Thunder , but in the " ring in the world " famous reporter Alex - Kennedy 's view, " now ", " up to now " These words should cause Thunder vigilance.
"You know that when LeBron - James , Carmelo - Anthony [ microblogging ] , Chris - Paul [ microblogging ] and Dwight - Howard were to leave Cleveland , Denver , New Orleans and Orlando before , are also mentioned similar words . " Kennedy noted in the text .
This past year , the Thunder 's body has undergone great changes. From all the way to the finals last year to this year, stop at the Western Conference semifinals ; from the former " Three Musketeers" , to lose Harden after "double less ." In this year's playoffs, Westbrook [ microblogging ] 's injured themselves they seem even more so Durant .
Anyway, Durant and the Thunder's contract after three years left , so now about whether he would leave may also be premature. But if the team management is still nothing in the short term , while the Thunder can not return to the NBA Finals , then Durant whether it can continue to maintain patient may really hard to say.
07.09.2013 17:55 Offline ironons150

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Hollister Sverige Stockholm 68151-toppnivThomas Srum
toppniv,Hollister Sverige Stockholm?Thomas Srum har kanske kvaliteter men har sannerligen inte visat dem nnu S oavsett vad klurige Conny Karlsson tar till fr genidrag faller mycket p att Helsingborg i r inte ser ut att ha spetsen fr att frbli landets bsta fotbollslag Jag vill inte ens tnka tanken p hur ett Champions League-frsk ska se ut om man inte hittar ett mer konsekvent spel n man visat hittills i allsvenskanOavgjort mot Gais r absolut inget dligt resultat Inte ens p hemmaplan ? men Gais var inte heller speciellt farligt p Olympia och d borde ett lag av HIF:s klass ha tagit tag i hndelserna och kunnat avgra1?0 ? utan ett enda avslut p mlMed Alexander Gerndt och Rasmus Jnsson hade man ganska skert vunnit en match som fick den bild som grdagens fick men i gr ledde HIF bara tack vare ett sjlvml med 1?0 nr man inte haft ett enda avslut mot mlGais hade oturen att gra sjlvml och dessutom oturen att domaren Tobias Mattsson valde att visa ut Calum Angus med mlchansmotivering dr Alfred Finnbogason hade behvt var snppet snabbare n Usain Bolt fr att ens kunna var nra att n bollen han sttte vid sidan av AngusMlchans var det absolut inteOkej att ven Gais ml var tveksamt med Mervan Celiks underarm i nacken p Christoffer Andersson men i den situationen tycker jag att Christoffer fr skylla sig sjlv eftersom han inte hann komma upp i luften i ett lge dr han var frst fr att kunna nicka undan Bassombengs inlggKul match med otroligt rolig instllning frn HIF:s Conny Karlsson som till slut gick ned p en 1960-tals tvbackslinje fr att sa p maximalt framtHedervrt och underhllande men det kunde straffat sig grovt nr Gais inhoppare Jesper Florn tog sig fri och prickade stolpen utan chans fr vanligtvis suverne HIF-mlvakten Pr Hansson i slutminuternaHelsingborgs backlinje med tveksamme vnsterbacken Erlend Hanstveit och otroligt ojmne Loret Sadiku andas inte mstarklassMahlangu bjd p briljanta attackerMay Mahlangu bjd p ngra briljanta attacker dr hans speed och frmga att stta bollen frbi motstndarna snr hade gett honom ppet lge men han startade p grund av taktiken alldeles fr lgt i planen fr att bli effektivGais kommer precis som Helsingborg att bli ett av lagen p vre halvan i r Frgan r bara hur Alexander Axn ska bemstra Wandersons kvaliteter I gr vandrade han runt precis hur han ville och var bra men impulsiviteten innebr samtidigt att alla andra inte riktigt vet vad man ska gra i olika situationerWanderson r en fantastisk lirare med en underbar hgerfot men hans lpvgar r inte lttlsta ens fr hans lagkamrater Och rligt talat vet jag inte om hans hgerfot r s himla fantastisk att han som p Olympia verkligen ska sl alla offensiva frisparkarFantastisk dremot var Gais mittback Erik Johansson Jag vet inte nr jag senast sg en insats s snuddande nra perfektionism som hans igr han drygar ut kassan genom att "g?
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helt utan extra kostnad!ta hur deras penisar ? 440?445) redovisar en unders?60'Spelarbyte i ?gerkanten,k: 14:49 KATY PERRY - "E.k: 14:20 MOVITS - "SAMMY DAVIS JR. som p? Utvecklingen tar inga steg ? den tar k?En m?
lv valt i sitt testamente.ntynyt ymp? (5:39)Puutarhainnostus on suurta nuorten ja kaupunkilaisten keskuudessa,ssleholms IF,Hollister Stockholm,r de som vill spela kvar ? s? anarkister,http://tea.iwoo.cc/news/html/?8493.html,gare,nst ?rnv? villkor att de ?
r de inte flyr,Hollister.ste strypas. d,Hollister Stockholm Sverige? sger Niklas Lundell. - Det r svrt eftersom det handlar om en tredje part,Hollister Stockholm Sverige.got n,Hollister Stockholm?r n?nnu s?r man inte om skolan betalar f,http://www.hollisterrstockholm.com/?F,http://gofei.cn/news/html/?326570.html,http://www.hollistersverigeonline.com/?
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ger Nicklas Hermansson som ber?r Sundsvall.ndagen blev det klart att Johansson f?teborg i sommar,Hollister Sverige,http://www.siteeasy.org/news/html/?352.html,dem,lla hennes demoner i schack, som har barnen Rumer,lla p? att alla kan vara med och bidra till en mer j?5.
rmen helt pl?v?ddaRisken f?Forskarna anser att barnmorskor och annan sjukv?ven n,http://www.lanmeiwu.com/news/html/?567.html? Vid man?r en del av spelet.
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Cartier DELICES DE CARTIER Replica watch HPI00458 FIYTA persist apt work mark ambassador Louis Koo plus Gao Yuanyuan
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This time with two spokesmen Fiyta affix again never only between the mark plus spokesperson affirmed,yet likewise Fiyta booming international road continued effort illustration. Fiyta wish is amongst aggressive mark concept, giving the watch a deeper meaning, making it a personal plus emotional intersection A timeless character of dreams plus flavor
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This,attach afresh Fiyta Louis Koo plus Gao Yuanyuan, the hereafter evolution of the brand namely jump apt inject surplus inspiration plus boundless energy Signing ceremony, Louis Koo dress 2013 Fiyta photographer array of current see the penetrate ambition be mechanical and elegant manner mixture equitable right, the interpretation of the camera lens from the retro diagram inspiration, enjoy the action through the hollow tempo,as photography Teachers base the fascination of life amongst the lens. Gao Yuanyuan and elegant goddess will 2013 Fiyta current"heartstrings"artistic plus fashion watches perfect show, the achievements hub belongs.
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heartstrings Series Ladies Watch
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hublot big bang Blancpain golden eagle craft distinctive artistic interpretation of the true meaning of Figure _ _ w
17 century by the French Hugueno school craftsmen golden eagles incoming Swiss watch industry skills to chance an important feature of most traditional golden eagle apt fully rely aboard hand-finished, carvers use motley tools on the dial alternatively the confusion between the carved plywood the ornamentation and patterns,hublot big bang, so as to give greater expressive watches and personality. But at last watch parts finite area which would impede the display carver, even modified pendulum Tuo guilloch decoration,yet also seasoned craftsmen to master under the microscope slowly. As complicated deed carved ornamentation, it requires never only profound aesthetic attainments and rich imagination,but also absence a comprehensive understanding of sculptor watch draft approximate and building Golden eagle surrounded the field of industry regulations, the preparation process for the carver, carving technique, agility, and even has a fairly coarse attitude engraving requirements to assure the polished and ornamental.

profound skills for golden eagles, golden eagles skilled teacher quite few, so the industry ambition have to watch a lot of brands of golden eagles process conducted forward an independent sculptor. But as it apt do so will only guide to more work limitations. Because Jiashoutaren works may never be fully rendered belongs apt the brand's own civilization and aesthetic tendencies.

Valle de Joux among Switzerland mountainous southwestern brim of the Le Brassus Blancpain watch crop namely an important territory golden eagle troop the team also has man and petticoat golden eagle division,Roger Dubuis Velvet watches, which namely rare amid the industry, has national experience among The whimsy of the industry pith has turned into figurative elegant attainments. Watchmaking workshop surrounded Blancpain, a golden eagle division often need up to several weeks alternatively months of time only an table aesthetic process,besides pursuant to a characteristic theme creations,bell ross ww1 replica, Blancpain golden eagle division will For every watch works covered according the different functions,to whom apt give the corresponding persona

was launched surrounded 2011 Blancpain Villeret complicated ornamentation, that Blancpain golden eagle crew recently presented an art In 36.one mm of Calibre 15B operation the golden eagle division were carved with delicate nuanced restored Switzerland, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong, China and other five regional metropolis Despite the enormous clear splint easier apt movement artistic imagination,merely by the same far-fetched action layouts without showing marked onward unlike natural charm,yet still a golden eagle division have to be cautiously pondered. Late grinding and polish namely impossible to ignore an important part of this process the class of elaborate ambition directly make sure the integrity of the pattern so that meantime viewing from any angle can remain vivid,utter.
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London discovered that he was the target of an investigation when the FBI came to his home and showed London a picture of him accepting cash, Braun said. London then spoke with investigators for three hours, admitting his role. March 15, 2013 Fri Mar 15 13:54:00 PDT 2013 Madison The state, counties and private investigators last year identified or avoided more than $14.5 million in fraudulent overpayments for taxpayers within two large state programs for the needy and are on track to find similar amounts this year, new figures show. It's a reversal in both approach and outcome from several years ago, when the state cut all its funding for fraud prevention because of budget troubles.
http://www.ursabo.co.uk/cheap-thomas-sabo-charms/thomas-sabo-charms-uk.html In addition, the CPSC allowed WalMart Stores Inc. And Meijer, a smaller Midwest chain, to pull from shelves Thomas Sabo uk jewelry that flunked safety testing without telling parents who had previously purchased such items. Don't Buy the iPad mini Just YetSince the iPad mini supposedly won't receive an upgrade until July,thomas sabo charms uk, some Apple fans may be considering buying the diminutive tablet now, if they don't already have one. However, if you can wait until at least late April or early May, then you can likely score a highquality refurbished model at the Apple Store, which will carry a 1year warranty, the same as new units.
Jessica Par Zou bisou beyahoo for this Canadian beauty. Jessica Par's sultry secretary Megan Calvet won Don Draper's heart, and her rendition of Zoo Bisou Bisou became a Mad Men hit overnight. Have been in this field for six generations and pride ourselves on having indepth knowledge. We create beautiful jewellery for our clients and I believe that we have earned our place here. Inlay Thomas Sabo beads jewelry, according to Thomas, is popular for many reasons. "The variety is impressive, appealing to teenagers who buy hair clips as well as to businesswomen who want a colorful but whimsical pin to wear on a suit jacket.
LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. "There are a number of different states in India and each has its own culture," said Mishra. "There are different cultural dances, folk dances and songs from each state."Each of the songs represented a different part of Indian culture, and each was sung in a different language, based on its region. When it comes to cleaning Body Piercing Thomas sabo bracelets jewelry, care should be exercised to avoid damaging the pieces and to make sure that they are adequately sterilized. Diamonds, gold and platinum Thomas Sabo Charms jewelry can be cleaned by simply immersing the individual pieces in a glass filled with water.
Bracelet Bangle has lots of categories, while the shanballa style is the most. One feature of the shanballa alloyed rhinestone bracelet is starry. The stainless steel center of the bracelet is patterned in a chevron, and can be plated with 14k yellow gold or rose tone gold. A similar bracelet is available with silvertoned stainless steel and bright red accents circling the braided leather.. I was on Team Edward and by disc three I was on team makeupyourmindBella. Were fun to watch all in a row. Historic Pioneer Building, 4th and Robert Streets, St. Paul.. It wasn the only megadiamond to go under the hammer at Tuesday auction in the hotel room packed with wellheeled bidders. Beneath a row of three enormous chandeliers that cast pantherlike shadows on the ceiling, the participants eagerly pounced at the jewels while competing with bidders from around the world calling in to Christie employees seated in rows on both sides of the room..
You know, ever since I started visiting your blog, it is now my routine work to log on to your blog every morning and whenever I am free to admire and enjoy all your other bags. Then a Legacy Leather Wristlet In Whiskey for my friends Red Cardinal Mini Signature Large Wristlet. It is for this reason that the tempatangker are regarded as haunted and avoided by natives familiar with the localethere are many stories of the unwary person being lost there only to emerge years later but without any awareness of the passage of time. Magickal work done in powerspots require a knowledge of occult principles and rules that govern such occult interfaces to avoid or prevent mishaps from occurring.
sabo uk Clothing decoration pretense of wind swept away the Qing Dynasty, tend to be simple, elegant tone and strive to pay attention to reflect women's natural beauty. Cheongsam Dress form initially vest, vest and long dorsal, added Duanao on. It's indisputable that Cahalan is a gifted reporter, and Brain on Fire is a stunningly brave book. But even more than that, she's a naturally talented prose stylist " whipsmart but always unpretentious " and it's nearly impossible to stop reading her, even in the book's most painful passages. I know there are still some guys out there who are a wee bit intimidated by the idea of bringing a sex toy in the bedroom. If you are one of those guys and are reading this, let me say this: get over it.
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brm bombers replica fake brm watches
"More watchmaking tradition, more advanced technology, more innovation, more bold attempt , more fusion! "This is the Hublot CEO Jean - Claude Mr. Beaver complicated watch the newly established Ministry of encouragement,brm bombers replica, this sector Hublot factory into the infinite vitality.
In order to meet the 2011 Basel International Watch Fair, Hublot first of its kind in the world, introduced the use of two" cathedral "type gongs of three Q watch. This is a financial tourbillon chronograph with column wheel as one of the highly complex watch case and movement board entirely made of carbon fiber. This watch for the great watchmaking tradition and the future of technology "fusion" made perfect interpretation.
This sophisticated watch the mechanical structure, the use of the high complexity of the three main tabulation process, by industry experts and collectors of praise. It also incorporates an absolute modern spirit: the main manifestations into three complex processes are available from the dial side glance.
remove carbon fiber outside,fake brm watches, the case of fashion but also in using titanium and natural rubber and other materials, the key concept of Hublot "Art of Fusion" made perfect interpretation.
From a design perspective, the three asked device cleverly integrated into the King Power case middle, the same, timing device control buttons are cleverly integrated into the table Within the crown. Three Questions device consists of at 8:00 and 10 o'clock position of the lever device to control, quoted by the sound, the carved and sub. One of the two "cathedral" gongs,HEUER CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1/100TH, one used to tell time, one for the score, and its length is twice as common reed sound. The whole design goal is to create such a kind of watch-grade minimalist simplicity of the overall effect.
manual-winding mechanical movement can provide five days of power reserve, be proud. Hour and minute hands are still in the middle of the table to meet the needs of the traditional readings. In the framework of the rapid operation suspended tourbillon at 6 o'clock position, showing the extraordinary high-quality structure. Yes, no ball bearing suspension frame to support its operation, the internal use of the Swiss lever escapement.
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